Top 10 Ways To Tell If Work Is Becoming Too Stressful- No 8 Is A Huge Wakeup Call!

  1. Waking up in the middle of the night with large to-do lists OR worse still not being able to sleep thinking of all the tasks to complete
  2. Feeling angry and irritable for no reason and snapping at people who offer helpful advice
  3. Having a feeling of dread come Monday morning and not knowing where to start
  4. Having constant headaches and aches and pains from stress
  5. Phone calls all the time and the email box filling up with unanswered queries or worse still possible sales!
  6. No time to spend with family or loved ones OR feeling guilty when the time to spend with them is wasted - easily distracted, irritable, always on the phone, etc
  7. Feel like life is a never-ending maze and there is no way out
  8. Important clients haven’t been contacted in ages or they ring to talk, and the boss doesn’t have the time to talk to them- HUGE MISTAKE
  9. To-do lists don’t work, and they are given up writing them as they go unanswered
  10. Feelings of walking away from the business to just get a break.